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Hag’s Aquatic Weed Harvesting is licensed by Water Security Agency. Hag’s Aquatic Weed Harvesting removes the weeds from your dock area, boat launch, marina, and swimming area with an industrial weed harvester. Removing the weeds from your area will ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming and boating experience.

Water Security Agency

Saskatchewan Water Security Agency has a maximum area that weeds can be removed from. The maximum area of weeds that are allowed to remove are at a depth of 1 meter (3 ¼’ ) and 6 meters (20’) along the shoreline out to open water where there are no weeds.


Hag's Aquatic Weed Harvesting Inc. is licenced by Water Security Agency to offer weed harvesting services. You do not need to apply for a permit to WSA to remove your weeds if you use Hags Aquatic.

sask lakes

When there are enough requests in one area, we can provide these services to 10 lakes southern Saskatchewan.


Large clusters of plant matter are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Removing the weeds from your beach/ dock area will assist with minimizing the effects of pesky mosquitoes

weed removal

Did you know that when you cut the weeds, from your dock area and you do not remove them from the lake they tend to sink to the bottom and start growing again.  Haqs Aquatic removes the weeds for compost.

safe swimming

Removing the aquatic weeds around your dock will minimize the chances of your family members and pets becoming entangled in the weeds while swimming. Removing the weeds makes your time on the beach a lot more enjoyable.

boat safety

Weeds tend to clog up the impellers and propellers on inboard motors, outboard motors, and personal watercrafts. The weeds can clog up or damage the impellers for cooling the engine. When this happens your watercraft could overheat causing serious damage to the engine. If this happens it could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Weeds can cause you issues in maneuvering your watercraft when you launch or store your boat away for the day. On personal watercraft, it impedes the Propulsion system and performance.

weed recycling

The aquatic weeds that are removed are full of phosphate and nitrogen. These plants make an excellent organic fertilizer and mulch for your garden. Milfoil is much better than manure. It has the same effect as manure but it doesn’t have the weeds that are included in manure. Once the milfoil dries out a little mix it up in your garden.

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