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price list

To book Hag's Aquatic Weed Harvesting to remove your weeds, call or text Ron at 1-306-690-5111or email We accept all major credit and debit cards.

We are willing to go to any of the lakes that we are permitted to operate on when there are at least 10 confirmed requests in close proximity to each other.


$325.00 + GST for 20'  wide X 50' long

$425.00 + GST for 20' long X 100' long

$575.00 + GST for 20' wide X 150' long

Price includes the removal of the weeds

Extra fees may apply when the distance between the cutting area and where we offload the weeds onto the trailer exceeds 1/4 mile.

dock cleaning

Starting at $60/ depending on size

Hag's Aquatic Weed Harvesting also offers dock cleaning; if your boat dock is covered with bird droppings or it needs a good clean, we can pressure wash your dock.

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